piątek, 2 listopada 2018

Holland windmill - felted handbag

Today is great weather. On the street golden Polish autumn. The sun no longer shines so brightly, and I could take pictures of a new handbag - Holland windmill. This handbag is made in a set for a vest My Amsterdam. I will take photos of the whole set at the exhibition.  

czwartek, 18 października 2018

Warm alpaca jacket

It is getting colder, and on such days I offer a warm felted jacket with alpaca fiber. A jacket is completely made of alpaca fiber, which is warmer than sheep's wool. The sleeves are knitted from yarn which I made myself from alpaca fiber. 


środa, 10 października 2018

My experiments with the form in the felt.

I love to make interesting textures and shapes in felt. Every day I do things that you can wear, or use as it is - these are scarves, bags, tunics, clothes. But sometimes I find time to experiment. This time I tried to make shapes with edges and the texture of a tentacle octopus. I made a few samples, but with these I was pleased. From one sample turned out a necklace

wtorek, 2 października 2018

Warm Felted hooded poncho with eco fur

It is getting colder outside, and you want to wrap yourself in a warm fluffy poncho. This poncho is made of soft and delicate wool of English sheep, has a cotton lining, the hood comes off and you can wear it without a hood. If you fasten the buttons with the side, you will get sleeves.
 Felted hooded poncho

piątek, 28 września 2018

The beginning of a new project - knitting a triangular shawl.

Today I start knitting a triangular shawl. I spun the threads myself during my summer travels to England and Latvia. Now I have 180 grams of yarn. For this yarn, I interfered  merino wool with silk and viscose fibers, and alpaca fibers. I bought a spindle and some wool at an English wool factory World Of Wool . I brought alpaca fibers from England. This will be shawl- a memory of summer travel this year.
I plan to make a shawl with a simple scarf pattern, since the threads contain small patches of alpaca and fibers, and I want these irregularities to be better visible.
And make a border of the waves below the shawl. 
I spin in Warsaw- Riga bus

 Latvian Alpacas
My yarn
My shawl is started