poniedziałek, 15 marca 2010

The first team Giveaway !

Pierwsza wiosenna loteria na błogie mojego Team na Etsy
Do wygrania kolczyki od MyWayToSay

from  GiftsUnder10

Zobacz !!!!  Reguły sa bardo proste.

sobota, 13 marca 2010

Article of my Etsy friend HappyfrogfromAlaska

Blossoms From Poland

One day I received a package from Poland. I bought a cute felted case for cell phone I found in Galina’a shop on Etsy. Guess what? A beautiful poppy flower was inside as a “thank you”. I was so impressed with this unexpected gift that I used this as an inspiration for a new scarf I will name Blossoms From Poland:)Length - 24 inGalina, thank you so much for your artwork and inspiration.
Dear Friend, check Galina’s shop on Etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/galafilc and I’m sure even very demanding shoppers will be pleasantly suprised!
Sincerely, Happy Frog:)
 Shop on Etsy HappyfrogfromAlaska
Blog HappyfrogfromAlaska

piątek, 12 marca 2010

Felted Handbag medium - Aquarium

This hand bag has been felted around a template and therefor has no seams.Bag was decorated with 5 glass beads. This purse has a closing devise - zip. Purse has a lining.

Felted bag from a wool, medium and decorative.Width= 37cm,length=40cm,length of the handle= 80cm  

wtorek, 9 marca 2010

Felt Case - Bouquet of Poppy and Daisy flowers

1  felt case  Protect your telefon/eyeglasses/sunglasses in style. Made from wool in only wet felt technology.
This case is perfect for a gift.
Approximately 8 x 18 cm

View and order other models.
2 felt case

3 felt case

4 felt case

Nuno Felt scarf collar / neckwarmer - Forest lily

This scarf is made of soft merino wool through a Nuno felting process. Shawl is decorated with chiffon and silk fibers. It’s handmade and unique.
The scarfe will be delivered with a brooch to fasten it.

Size approximately: long 60 cm
width 20 cm

Nuno fet;ed Scarves

Nuno Felt Scarf - Cappucino Mocate
Measurement: 150 x 50 cm


Nuno Felted scarf- Brown

Nuno Felted scarf- White - Black

Nuno Felted scarf-  with poppy 
silk, wool 

Nuno Felted scarf- (200/55cm)  Black and yellow
silk, wool